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Biomass Project Research Center,Hiroshima University is cooperating to realize the Carbon Neutral × Smart Campus 5.0 Declaration.


Action Policy

Necessity and development of small-scale efficient technology

The generating scale (collectable quantity) of the biomass in Japan is 10t of numbers from several t.

It is a problem of the utmost importance how little of this biomass is efficiently changed into energy.

The increase in biomass deposits and reservation of biomass royalties by establishment of domestic technology

Deposits and royalties.

If the biomass is likened with crude oil and considered, by developing a small-scale energy-ized process, the resources which were not able to be used until now can also be used now,that is,deposits will increase.

The royalties by offer of a development plant of having resources/emissions rights (*1) transferred with the priority to Japan are secured by providing a country without that technology with this developed small-scale efficient technology.

※1 The emissions rights of a carbon dioxide can be transferred in the Kyoto Protocol.
When the carbon dioxides more than the quantity at which the foreign country is appointed are reducible or when the amount of reduction of a carbon dioxide increases sharply with the technology of a foreign country, I have the right to emit a carbon dioxide of the country transferred.

Suppose that it was reducible of the place of 8% of reduction target to 10%with technology of Japan.

The thing of clearing by the emissions rights which I had transfer the 2% and were transferred from the foreign country 2% of 6% of a reduction target of Japan since many 2% .